A Little Bit About Me

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Hello...and thank you for coming to this page to find out a little bit more about me!

My name is Jan (Janet!) Randall and I am lucky enough to live, with my husband, in the heart of the beautiful, rural countryside of sunny south west France. We say we are lucky (and so do a lot of our friends!)....but in fact it wasn't luck but choice that led us here. We decided that we wanted to live in France, so we made it one of our goals.

In The Beginning....

I was a teacher living in Cornwall, England. Although I was happy in my work it was very stressful....and it was starting to affect my health. A lifestyle change was in order!

One of our favourite destinations was France, and we especially loved camping there. We love the outdoor life and the feeling of freedom that camping gives you. So one of our goals became moving to France.

However, whenever we arrived back at home in Cornwall after our holidays, our working and everyday life took over once again and our aim had to go onto the backburner. Life carried on.....and of course this was not just about me but my husband as well! We both felt sure that we could lead a better quality of life, spending more time together, if we radically changed our lifestyle.

Leaving Cornwall For France...

We did stay focused on our goal of wanting to live in France and in December 2001 we finally took the plunge! By July 2002 we were both living in the South of Charente full time. Finally we could spend time doing the things we wanted to....renovating our house....growing our own vegetables....long cycle rides and walks with our dog....and of course camping holidays!

The down side..... I had to keep returning to Cornwall to do contract teaching to top up the funds - not an ideal situation, but a compromise...at least I wasn't teaching full-time with all the inherent stresses....but this was not how we truly wanted to live our lives!

The Dream....

I had been captivated by aromatherapy and alternative therapies for a very long time. I believe it is so important to keep as healthy as you can......as naturally as you can. At long last I had the chance to follow my dream of training holistically in 2004.

What are my qualifications?

I was a Maths teacher for 14 years......but I'm not sure that this information about me is necessarily helpful for this particular aromatherapy website!!

I trained in Holistic Therapies in England and became IIHHT qualified. This stands for 'International Institute for Health and Holistic Therapies' and comes under the umbrella of the Federation of Holistic Therapists. My training involved courses and diplomas in aromatherapy, reflexology and massage.......including many case studies and written assignments and exams. It was so interesting and rewarding and I knew that this is what I truly wanted to do!

Since then I have continued my training and am very happy to be able to offer a range of therapies........

  • Hot stones Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Indian Head Massage
  • Reiki 1 & 2

and of course I shall continue to train - I love my work so much!

Where Am I Now?

Living happily in France and absolutley loving my life! I work as a holistic therapist and write this website that you are visiting! This really is one of my favourite things to do.....so I hope you enjoy reading it as much as I enjoy writing it.

This is my travels in aromatherapy so far........and I am sure that my journey will continue long into the future!

Thank you for wanting to know a little bit more about me.

Enjoy your aromatherapy journey!

Jan Randall

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