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by Heidi
(At sea mostly )

Lemongrass is so versatile from oily skin to cleaning the commode. Love it in a diffuser or to keep the no-sees away.

I have very little room on my sailboat so EOs are perfect to have aboard. Can use those 15ml bottles of any EO (depends) to flavor dinner, scent the air, wash my hair and face, disinfect the living area and then for Mosquitos. Talk about a multi tasker.

Not to mention the aromatherapy benefits all awhile. When space is limited EO's are a must have. You can take the place of all those bulky cleaning products with tiny bottles of peppermint, lime, clove, tea tree, eucalyptus, and patchouli. Mix with water or alcohol and you have any cleaning product you could ever need. Not to mention, more economical as well.

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