Tea Tree Essential Oil

Cleansing, Antiseptic and Anti-fungal.....

Tea tree essential oil is probably one of the best known aromatherapy oils. It is now included in so many soaps, creams and lotions because of its anti-fungal, anti-bacterial and anti-viral qualities.

No household should be without this oil because of its wonderful healing properties - perfect for cleaning cuts and grazes and sorting out most fungal and bacterial infections.

I like to use this oil in a blend with lavender essential oil and lemon essential oil when making liquid hand soap for the kitchen - it really helps to get rid of the garlic and onion smells on your hands!

Tea-tree is an uplifting oil, thought to be good for steadying the nerves and building up confidence.

It is one of the very few essential oils (lavender is another) that can be used undiluted on the skin.

Common Name:
Tea-Tree or Ti-Tree

Botanical Name:
Melaleuca alternifolio

New South Wales, Australia

Common Method Of Extraction:
Steam distillation of the leaf and twigs

Clean, Medicinal and spicy


Blends Well With:
Rosemary, bergamot, frankincense, lavender, eucalyptus, cypress

Antiseptic, anti-viral, anti-bacterial, anti-fungal, tonic, vulnerary, insecticide, stimulant

Mind, Spirit and Body:

  • Tea tree essential oil is particularly good at stimulating the immune system - invaluable if you feel you may be develping a cold or flu.
  • Excellent for helping fungal conditions such as thrush or athletes foot.
  • Neat tea-tree is effective on cold sores.
  • I have also got rid of verrucas by using a single drop of neat oil every day and then covering with a plaster. It can take a while, but is worth it!
  • Effective on insect bites and stings - again used neat.

Very cleansing - good for helping to clear up spots and blemishes. Great for treating acne when used in a skin-wash.


  • Although tea-tree can be used undiluted on the skin, there are a few people who may become sensitive to it. So if you have sensitive skin then use it cautiously at first.

Additional Notes:

  • Tea-Tree is a very powerful immunostimulant, so when the body is threatened by bacteria, viruses or fungi it increases the body's ability to respond.
  • This oil has been long used by the aboriginals in Australia, recognised for its almost 'magical' healing properties.
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